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WHMIS is the "Workplace Hazardous Material Information System"

Class D, Division 1: Poisonous & Infectious Materials - Immediate and Serious Toxic Effects

This division includes materials causing immediate and serious toxic effects. These materials can cause the death of a person exposed to small amounts.

Class D, Division 1 materials:

  • are a potentially fatal poisonous substance;
  • may cause permanent damage if inhaled or swallowed or if they enter the body through skin contact;
  • may burn eyes or skin upon contact.

    When handling Class D, Division 1 materials you should:

  • handle the material with extreme caution;
  • avoid contact with the skin or eyes by wearing the proper protective equipment, including eye, face, and hand protection and protective clothing;
  • avoid inhaling by working in well-ventilated areas and/or wearing respiratory equipment;
  • wash and shower thoroughly after using;
  • store the containers in designated areas..

    Examples: sodium cyanide, hydrogen sulphide.

  • Complete list of WHMIS Symbols:
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