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WHMIS is the "Workplace Hazardous Material Information System"

Class F: Dangerously Reactive Material

Class F materials can undergo dangerous reaction if subjected to heat, pressure, shock or allowed to contact water.

Class E materials:

  • are very unstable;
  • may react with water to release a toxic or flammable gas;
  • may explode as a result of shock, friction or increase in temperature;
  • may explode if heated when in a closed container;
  • may undergo vigorous polymerization.

    When handling Class F materials you should:

  • keep material away from heat;
  • open containers carefully, do not drop them;
  • store the material in a cool, flame-proof designated area.

    Examples: plastic monomers such as butadiene and some cyanides.

  • Complete list of WHMIS Symbols:
    Class A Class B Class C Class D, Division 1 Class D, Division 2 Class D, Division 3 Class E Class F
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